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Posted by on Mar 3, 2013 in Blog | 2 comments

A special school for special kids in the Bahamas


by Christine Kling

Today, several writer friends and I are asking you to help us help those kids in the photo above. We are doing a special Kindle book giveaway for the next three days that should increase our sales next week. If we can get enough people to download our free books, we’ll end up on some of the bestseller lists next week and hopefully sell a boatload of books. Then all four of us, Mike Jastrzebski, Michael Haskins, John Urban and I will donate a percentage of our earnings next week to Every Child Counts.

Last June when I was in Marsh Harbor in the Bahamas, I learned about this school for special needs children called Every Child Counts. My sister, Cindy Gray, is a special education teacher, and I have spent many years working in public schools, so I know that in the US, we attempt to meet the needs of all children in our public schools. This is not the case in all countries, however.

Several years ago, Lyn Major and her husband started this school for children with physical and learning disabilities. Here is how Lyn explains the history and mission of Every Child Counts on their website:

I hope you will take the time to visit their website and check out the beautiful faces of the 105 full-time students who have varying exceptionalities including Autism, Down Syndrome, deaf, no speech, Cerebral Palsy, cognitive difficulties and a host of neurological processing difficulties. The work Lyn and her staff are doing makes a world of difference to these kids and we hope that by bringing their efforts to the attention of our readers and fans, we can make a small difference in their lives too.

So how can you help? Easy! Just download the free ebooks. You will be helping to increase our donation to the school. You say you don’t have a Kindle? You can read Kindle books on a computer, a smart phone or a tablet with the apps you will find here. So here are the books, and we hope you’ll click away.

This exciting sequel to Key Lime Blues has it all !

A sexy relative who wants to teach Wes Darling the meaning of kissin’ cousins, a priceless centuries old manuscript, a three hundred pound redneck, and an ex-spy who thinks murder is a justifiable means of support are just a few of the things awaiting Wes when he sails into the Dog River in search of answers about the father he never knew.

Dog River Blues blends the mystique of the liveaboard boating lifestyle and the colorful characters and vagabonds who live, work, and sometimes commit murder on our nation’s waterways. This is one voyage to Mobile, Alabama you don’t want to miss. Download free March 1-3 HERE.

Key West begins to look the the Wild West as Murphy and his ragtag team of friends gets involved with stopping a drug shipment from arriving on the island. Soon corrupt city and federal officials work with a mercenary in charge of a Colombian drug smuggling team to get Murphy at any cost. Murphy’s friend, the local chief of police is looking for him to, to explain the violence that seems to continually lead back to Murphy. Murphy’s black-bag friend, Norm, shows up to help and enlists some members JIATF, a federal agency responsible for tracking drug traffickers. The climatic end begins off the Bahamian island of Cay Sal with the drug shipment arrival via a Albatross seaplane and finally ends in the fishing shacks of Stock Island, Key West’s working class neighborhood. Download free March 1-3 HERE.


“Single Deadly is a fast read that blends sunken treasure, deep-sea diving, fast boats and a cast of characters that run from bad guys to real bad guys to really really bad guys. (And that doesn’t even count the shark.)” Author Frank Cook.

Urban sets the story on the waters of Cape Cod and Buzzards Bay and gives the reader a rewarding blend of adventure, seaside escapism, and maritime history. Fans of Clive Cussler, Peter Benchley, and Randy Wayne White will find a new hero in Steve Decatur. Download free March 1-3 HERE.

In the 1800s, Key West was built by wrecking skippers who in feats of derring-do raced to shipping disasters to save valuable cargos from the ocean depths. Today, as too many boats chase too few wrecks, salvage has turned into a cutthroat corporate enterprise. Seychelle Sullivan, who pilots a tug her father built by hand, is unable and unwilling to compete. She is overwhelmed by issues of love, trust, motherhood, career, and family. But when a friend is killed, Seychelle begins to suspect a chilling scenario: that modern-day wreckers are causing yachts to crash onto the reefs–and killing off whoever gets in the way. In this fourth book of this series, Seychelle navigates the dangerous shoals and channels of the case and her life, unaware that a greater danger is looming: a murderous human storm designed perfectly for her. Download free March 1-3 HERE.

Want to help us out even more? Click on Like and share this on Facebook, repost this on your blog, tweet about it, and tell your friends. And for those who would like to donate directly to Every Child Counts, click here and you will find a big DONATE button in the center of the page.

Fair winds!




  1. Good luck with the project…I sent it out to all my friends and told them to pass it on. My husband and I both enjoyed your books…look forward to reading those by the other authors.

    Waiting patiently for your next book.

  2. Thanks for helping out Carol. I’m writing as fast as I can – which isn’t all that fast – so I’m especially thankful to patient readers 🙂