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Posted by on Aug 15, 2014 in Blog, Sailing, Writing |

Boat fever

Learnativity at Vuda Point Marina in Fiji

Learnativity at Vuda Point Marina in Fiji

by Christine Kling

We packed up our bags and left LEARNATIVITY on a mooring in Majuro on February 21st, and while I thought I would be returning, but it was by no means a sure thing, so I didn’t leave anything behind.

mast post paintedThat was about six months ago now, and we have been living on land just far too long. Not only do I miss life aboard a sailboat, but I’m ready to settle in and turn Wayne’s boat into our home. Two months ago, we shipped off all those boxes of my possessions after I sold my boat — and hopefully, they are still there in General Delivery at the Majuro Post Office. I’m sooo ready to turn the forepeak into my work office. It’s time to move past the research and outline stage and get started writing on the new book.

Some people get boat fever when they are thinking about buying a new boat. They become obsessed with the search and spend hours pouring over the brokers’ pages on the Internet. For others, it is dreaming of sailing during the long winter months.

For me, it is the desire to get back out on the water and smell that air, feel the gentle rocking from wakes, to enjoy the peaceful quiet of our own boat out in our own corner of an anchorage — and to settle in and unpack.

In Florida, I packed up lots of my favorite kitchen utensils off my boat, and I plan to merge my things into Wayne’s already fabulously well-equiped galley. The stainless steel countertops and tiled backsplash are lovely and the stove is less than a year old. I can’t wait to get back to cooking meals I’ve planned  in a place I can call home instead of trying to figure out where things are in someone else’s kitchen. I’m incredibly grateful to all the people who have kindly invited us into their homes and fed us these many wonderful meals, but there comes a time when you just long to be hfwd-stateroom-deskome.

But most of all, I am ready to move into this office in the forepeak. It has been my dream for years to have a real office and desk in a boat. There’s no question that writing is difficult, but it is especially difficult when you don’t have a dedicated space where you can go off and be on your own. I can’t wait to get to the boat and make it my own space where I will write this next book.

Pretty awesome, eh?

Fair winds!