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Posted by on May 4, 2012 in My Books |

Cross Current

In the second title of the Seychelle Sullivan series, Seychelle and B.J. are working to raise a sunken Haitian boat in Hillsboro Inlet, when Sey gets a call to go tow in her buddy, Mike Beesting. En route to pick up her tow, she spots a half-dead child adrift in a half-sunk boat, and in that moment Seychelle’s life takes a different course.

Cross Current gives readers a close-up look at the Haitian community in South Florida, and takes them on a joy ride from the swamps and backwaters to the glistening yachts in marinas as Seychelle discovers she can be just as determined when salvaging lives as she is at salvaging boats.

Cross Current is available as an ebook in the Amazon Kindle Store.