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  1. What about Bitter End? And they both can’t come soon enough for me!

  2. Christine,
    I am looking at boats…. Caliber 33 is high up on my list. I have enjoyed reading your blogs. Thanks so much for sharing!


  3. Hi, Christine,

    Earlier today I was talking to Irene Loycano, a fellow cruiser who told me she had met you recently (Miami area). We, my wife and I, met Irene years ago while cruising and have met her many times since then. She told me that you were an author, and I am working on a page on our website, The Frugal Mariner, specifically to help promote books by cruising sailors.

    I don’t know if it will help – but it can’t hurt. We will be happy to include your books on our “Books by Cruisers” page which I expect to publish within a week or so. (Our internet provider is experiencing problems and the 25Mbps that we are paying for has been more like .8 Mbps so as soon as that is rectified, I can upload the new pages.)

    As former cruisers (we lived aboard and cruised for about 15 years and only recently sold the boat and moved ashore in Vero Beach) we like to support cruisers in any way we can. There, of course, will be no charge for promoting your books and we hope that it helps. We get about 300 visitors per day on The Frugal Mariner, so it can’t hurt.

    I’ll use the information you have here to put on our page and let you know when we have published unless you have objections.

    Larry and Suzi MacDonald
    (formerly known as Cap’n Larry and Saltwater Suzi)